How do you heal from a lifetime of Societal Conditioning, Sexual repression, Shame, Trauma and Guilt?
Our Personal Sexuality is a major part of who we are and our connection to human physical reality - through our Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras.   This starts with you first and does not include another until you know yourself... 
The control of this world - is designed to repress us and control us so we can be controlled and  so we are always unhappy/chasing and living without pleasure, bliss and Innocence.

Awakening Through Sexuality (ATS) is a breakthrough process designed to rapidly heal and Awaken a person by bypassing all body blocks and programming thru utilizing new 5D paths and energetic mechanisms.   The process has never existed before and distills the best of dozens of 3D modalities, life experience and old/new knowledge that has been repressed for thousands of years.   It is very powerful as it reconnects us with our sexuality - pleasure - innocence and self love in a personal exploration of self and our shadows.   The process bypasses existing armor, programming, fear and shame to begin to unravel the personal programming and cages we have built and had built around us to keep us from Awareness and Personal choice.

We are taught to seek love, affirmation and validation of ourselves from others - but  this is not truth - until we learn to love ourselves first - we will always be chasing - love, security, pleasure and happiness.   The process of ATS starts very safe and personal - getting in touch with getting back in our body, grounding, self awareness, exploration of personal sensuality and exploring of yourself and your body in the safety of your own home - all coached in advance with follow-up and energetic work at each stage of the process.   Guiding you back to self love, awareness of body and pleasure for you FIRST. 
Once these stages are embodied - deeper levels of exploration begin - trauma release and societal deprogramming can be explored - All Services are specifically designed based on consultation and feedback through each discussion and progression.   Consent and comfort level are all built on trust and the many interactions during the process.

The Modality, at all levels, is based on a "Hollow Bone" conduit of the healer interacting directly with your higher self and rendering all processes through the healer in the required steps that you need and only when you are ready for each step.   This is a very amazing way of healing as the exact needs for you are rendered through the healer and not chosen by the healer- nothing is misinterpreted.   The healer is simply a conduit of divine service that is willing to engage at whatever level the client needs to heal quickly and with the least struggle and pain. 

Healing can be rendered remotely via zoom or through an audio call.   No physical touch is required for any modality, but can be much more powerful in a physical one on one session.   Most sessions start at 1 hour in duration, but may be longer based on what is requested or required.

Before any session work is started - a free 30 minute session will be held to assess what is being asked, the compatibility of the client and to assess if the higher self is willing to work through the healer.   During the call we will discuss the session options, costs and design something to meet you personal needs at that time.
All sessions are to be paid 24 hours in advance of the session as the integration after the session can be quite emotional and it is important to stay focused on your healing rather than worrying about details.   It also shows commitment to the healing process and ensures your follow through - this can be intense work.
A supportive community is also offered once you become a client - you will have a space to speak to and integrate with other people that have been through similar deep work.