Awakening through Sexuality
Our greatest power and bliss has been taken from us through Shame and Guilt

Bringing the Power of Sexuality back to the people

Sexuality has the power to heal, empower and enlighten us in incredible and divine ways.   This knowledge has been hidden and made illegal for most of recorded time.   This creation power is available to each and every one of us, but it has been considered too powerful for common people to possess – hence the shame and guilt that has been built around it.   Awakening through sexuality is  here to bring the true power of sexuality and unconditional love back into the light to help people awaken and enlighten themselves.

Your greatest power of creation and manifestation is through your sexual energy!

Did you know that Jesus was Enlightened through the power of Sexuality?
The sexuality experienced by many on this planet is a fraction of the pleasure possible.

Unconditional Love
What is "Unconditional Love?"   We have been taught that love is something that is outside of ourselves and we need to partner with others to fill ourselves - in relationships, sexuality and loving connection.   We are rapidly approaching a massive breakdown in relationship paradigms as the population becomes awakened and enlightened - We are working to teach new paradigms of relationship, connection and love to help move into new levels of 5D consciousness. 
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